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Senior Transitions Services of Louisiana offers several services to our clients because everyone has different needs at different life stages. Below is a list and brief explanation of the tasks we take care of for our clients every day. If you need a more detailed description or have other questions, please feel free to contact us.


Senior Moving
We load the moving van with all your belongings and transport them to your new location. Senior Transitions Services services a 300-mile radius surrounding Shreveport and Bossier City. If your move is outside our service area, accommodations can be made for an additional cost.

Downsizing and Sorting
Often times our clients move from a family home to a smaller apartment. At those times it is necessary to do some downsizing by determining which of the most meaningful pieces will make the move and which will make a home with someone else. Sometimes it's just a matter of sorting through years' and years' worth of accumulation that has long since been forgotten and is not needed.

Packing and Unpacking
We take great care in packing and unpacking your possessions because we know they house many memories and great value. And as always, clients are welcome to assist as much or as little as desired in the packing process.

Personal Decorating
Dianne Carlisle has had many years' experience in the interior design industry and can help showcase your treasures in the most attractive way possible. She can make your new home look fabulous while still feeling like that old familiar home you've just left behind.

Estate Sales
The belongings that need to find a new home have to have a way to get there. So we offer estate sale services to help you receive an income from your downsizing efforts. For more information on this popular service, visit our Transitions Estate Sales website.

Clean-Out Service
We can make sure you get everything moved out of your previous residence, whether it's to your new home or to another location. We will leave nothing behind. But please do not ask us scrub your old home spic and span! We're more interested in getting you settled into your new home.

"I lived in the Benton area and decided to move to Dallas to be closer to my daughter. Dianne and Lynda worked for three full days to get everything packed, but the one thing that really impressed me was the way they handled my paintings and fine art work so nothing would be scarred or broken. On moving day, Dianne was watching to make sure the furniture and boxes where packed correctly in the truck. When we arrived in Dallas, the guys politely set the furniture where I wanted and the girls unpacked for about six hours arranging accessories on table tops and in china cabinets perfectly. You can't beat this team. "

Sophie W.
Dallas, TX

Senior Transitions Services LA Senior Transitions Services LA
Senior Transitions Services LA
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